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Tag: health

Top Causes For Skin Irritation in El Paso

Although we primarily deal with varicose veins, we’d like to talk about more surface-level issues related to your skin. As the body’s largest organ, our skin is the first line of defense against exterior threats. While our epidermis is a resilient defender of our internal organs, it isn’t infallible.  There are several causes for several […]

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The 5 Life Hacks to Help Prevent Varicose Veins & Love Your Legs

Do your legs often feel tired, achy, and dull? Perhaps you’ve noticed a sneaky little vein protruding or appearing a little darker under your skin. You know that your job requires you to sit for long periods of time or stand for long periods of time. So you suspect that you might have or might […]

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Varicose Veins Among Nurses and Other High-Risk Occupations

Nurses represent a large section of the healthcare workforce. In the year 2020, our healthcare workers were suddenly catapulted into the spotlight as they worked the frontlines of the dangerous and capricious pandemic that wreaked havoc in so much of our society.  Nurses and doctors have always done heroic work. The nature of these demanding […]

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The History, Causes, and Symptoms of Venous Reflux

You’ve likely heard of, seen, or know of a loved one who has suffered from varicose veins. Many times, varicose veins are mistaken for a merely cosmetic issue, but it goes deeper than that. According to some estimates, about 25% of the global adult population suffers from venous reflux disease or a more serious form […]

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Sclerotherapy: Treating Deep Refluxing Veins

If you’ve been suffering from varicose veins, it is recommended to consider sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is a procedure that involves injecting chemicals, known as sclerosing agents, into damaged veins. In addition to diminishing the appearance of varicose veins, it is also intended to help reduce the pain or side effects caused by this condition. Some of […]

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