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Vein Treatment at El Paso Varicose Veins Laser Clinic

When you come in for vein treatment, whether it’s sclerotherapy or endovenous laser ablation, you will be sent home with instructions to wear a compression stocking for a couple of weeks after the procedure. The compression stockings help your legs heal after the procedure, which is why we recommend that all of our patients wear them.

What is a Compression Stocking?

A compression stocking is a tight-fitted stocking that helps with the blood flow and circulation in your legs. Compression stockings are often prescribed after a vein treatment procedure to reduce pain and swelling. Compression stockings come in all colors and sizes to match your needs.

Your doctor will tell you how long you should wear the stockings. For many procedures, it’s only for a few weeks after, but some do call for it to be worn for six months and up to a year depending on your health.

A few things to note about wearing compression stockings:

  • You are usually given two
  • Remember to wash them regularly

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Why Are They Used After Vein Treatment?

Compression stockings are used after vein treatment because they prevent serious side effects from happening after the procedure. They help with healing and reduce pain via compression, working as an analgesic. They also help to keep the treated vein from reopening, which would effectively make the whole procedure moot. Essentially, compression stockings help to ensure the procedure is successful.

How Do They Work?

Compression stockings work by compressing your legs. Because they are compressed, your veins temporarily operate more effectively. Your blood flow increases, your circulation improves, and the valves become more effective. Under compression, your veins experience less pressure and have less of a chance to experience stasis.

So, Why Use Compression Stockings
After Vein Treatment?

At El Paso Varicose Veins Laser Clinic, we recommend all of our patients wear compression stockings after a procedure to ensure they heal properly and that they are comfortable. If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment with us, call today!