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Category: varicose vein treatment

Venous Stasis Ulcers Caused by Venous Reflux: What You Need to Know

Venous reflux and stasis ulcers are common vascular conditions that affect 1 to 3% of people in the United States. While they may seem unrelated, these conditions are often interconnected, with venous reflux being a leading cause of ulcers. El Paso Varicose Vein Laser Clinic is Sun City’s leading vein clinic for venous reflux, which […]

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How Sclerotherapy Can Help Treat Spider Veins

Spider veins are injured blood vessels that can be seen through the skin’s surface. Simply put, they are damaged veins that often appear on the legs. Not only do some people dislike how they look, but these veins may also cause mild discomfort. Thankfully, there are procedures to treat this condition. At El Paso Varicose […]

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The Many Benefits of Varicose Vein Treatment 

Not only do varicose veins affect your legs, but they can also impact your quality of life. These unsightly, bulging, and enlarged veins appear on the legs and feet and can lead to discomfort and—for many people—embarrassment when showing their legs.  For most people, varicose veins do not cause serious health problems, but they are […]

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The History of Ultrasound and How It Changed Varicose Vein Treatment

Like so much of our medical advancements, they seem so commonplace today that we hardly blink an eye. Most people associate ultrasound technology with prenatal care—seeing that cute little baby for the first time. The technology of ultrasound, however, extends into other areas of the medical field. It has helped different treatments take great strides […]

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How Many Americans are Affected by Varicose Veins?

The amount of people who are affected by varicose veins is incredible. It’s becoming a fairly common thing for people to have, but this is still a health problem that we must treat like any other. Varicose veins can have mild borderline effects or can go as far as causing high levels of pain and […]

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I Have Varicose Veins: What Are My Treatment Options?

Varicose veins can be a nuisance. From pain and discomfort to making us feel insecure about our bodies, they can take a toll on our everyday lives. Not only that, but they can also cause other, more significant health complications. Because of all these factors, it only makes sense that we should seek prompt treatment […]

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